I dropped the ball this week as I was recovering from The Plague and didn’t post possible Rogerian paper topics here. My apologies. Here are about 10 or so that could make for interesting papers. They tend to be polarizing topics–although admittedly some are “sexier” than others–but I feel there is still common ground to be had in order to solve the problems at the crux of the debates:

  • The banning of landmines in the demilitarized zone in the Korean peninsula;
  • Lobbying reforms in Lansing (or Washington D.C., if you prefer); (see an article I did for one of our publications for some background if you want)
  • The so-called “Net Neutrality” movement;
  • Eminent domain;
  • The debate over ethanol’s viability as a legitimate source of renewable energy;
  • Michigan’s law about speed limits on gravel roads; (see an article one of my co-workers did for one of our publications for some background if you want)
  • The banning of certain books from the curriculum in certain school districts;
  • So-called “no reason” absentee voting;
  • NAFTA;
  • The prohibition of religious institutions espounsing political endorsements since they are tax-exempt organizations; or
  • Any of the “Big Four”: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or Department of Defense spending as avenues to cut our national debt and deficit.

Remember that these papers will argue for common ground solutions to problems. In your paper, your thesis must be your compromise solution.